Ricciardo Disqualified?

Today went from a day of glory to a day to forget for the Formula One Aussie after Ricciardo was disqualified from today’s Australian Grand Prix.

After the race it was announced that the FIA were investigating the Red Bull regarding a fuel flow issue and hours later they returned their verdict.

In a 10-point document the FIA announced their reasoning for the disqualification.

In this document the FIA describe the Red Bull had been having issue with the fuel flow measurement sensor over the course of the weekend.

“The stewards considered the history of the fitted fuel flow sensor, as described by the team and the Technical Delegate’s representative who administers the program. Their description of the history of the sensor matches.

a. During Practice 1 a difference in reading between the first three and Run 4 was detected. The same readings as Run 4 were observed throughout Practice 2.

b. The team used a different sensor on Saturday but did not get readings that were satisfactory to them or the FIA, so they were instructed to change the sensor within Parc Ferme on Saturday night.

c. They operated the original sensor during the race, which provided the same readings as Run 4 of Practice 1, and Practice 2.”

Not only this, but the team chose to use their own method to measure the duel flow instead of the FIA’s. Thus giving them different readings than what they needed to comply with the rules. The FIA’s backup system for calculating the fuel flow model has a correction factor decided by the FIA, not by each team.

With Ricciardo disqualified the new final race standings are as follows:

Rosberg (winner), Magnussen (2), Button (3), Alonso (4), Bottas (5), Hulkenberg (6), Räikkönen (7), Vergne (8), Kyvat (9), Perez (10), Sutil (11), Gutierrez (12), Chilton (13), Bianchi (not classified), [Grosjean, Maldonado, Ericsson, Vettel, Hamilton, Massa, Kobayashi DNF] and Ricciardo DSQ

Now this means that in his McLaren debut, Kevin Magnussen finished in 2nd place rather than 3rd, which is now occupied by his team-mate Jenson Button. A nice double podium result for McLaren but a day to forget for all at Red Bull.


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