Hamilton set to start the German Grand Prix from 20th

It just goes from bad to worse for Lewis Hamilton after a crash during the first stage of qualifying meant Lewis will have to start today’s German Grand Prix from 20th.

During the first part of qualifying, a front-right brake failure meant Lewis was unable to slow down for one of the high-speed corners at the Hockenheimring. Without his brake working, he was sent into a spin before a heavy impact with the tyre barrier.

But not only was Hamilton forced out of qualifying and would have started no higher than 15th place. The crash meant Lewis needed to take a gearbox change, which in turn meant he took an automatic 5-place grid penalty. Demoting the championship contender to 20th on the grid.

After Mercedes confirmed that it was a break failure that caused the crash, it also became apparent that the team were considering changing Lewis’ breaks from Brembo back to Carbone Industrie. As this change would have been made during parc ferme, there was the possibility that Hamilton would be forced to start from the pit-lane.

Luckily for Lewis, he will not be forced further down the starting order before the race even starts as the FIA stated that a change of brake disc brand is not a change to the car specification. This is in line with article 34.2 of the 2014 Sporting Regulations in which it states that a part can be changed for one “similar in mass, inertia and function to the original.”

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