Lewis Hamilton secures pole position at the Canadian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton secures pole for the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix, in a Mercedes front row lock out ahead of Raikkonen and Bottas.

On the back of disappointment in Monaco and a disappointing practice, Lewis Hamilton topped qualifying to secure pole position for the Canadian Grand Prix. Lewis secured the top spot by three tenths of a second to his team-mate while Vettel and Massa dropped out in Q1.

Going into qualifying teams and drivers up and down the grid were busy attending to their cars. But in Sauber and McLaren, the crews were busy at work fixing their machines after Nasr crashed out in FP3 and Button lost power towards the end of the session. The power loss in the McLaren however caused Jenson to miss out on Q1 as the team changed his MGU-H, but this also means he will have to serve a 10 second penalty during the race.

Button’s team-mate meanwhile was able to join in on the Q1 action when qualifying engaged with all bar Button and Nasr immediately taking to the track. Vettel however was joining the two FP3 casualties in the pits after suffering a MGU-H issue soon into qualifying.

Back out on track, some drivers were taking a few more laps than others to set their first timed flying laps as they got heat into their tyres. But after a few warm up laps, Hamilton was setting the pace and overthrowing Raikkonen at the top of the time sheet.

As the clock rolled on and banker laps were set on both compounds of tyres, Rosberg turned the tables and put his Silver Arrow two thousandths of a second ahead of Hamilton.

A few tenths back Lotus had both men high in the top five but upon switching for new supersoft tyres Maldonado moved into third place. Grosjean soon went one better than Pastor and stormed into the top spot while the original pace setting Mercedes remained in the garages.

Vettel meanwhile was finally back out on track and attacking hard to beat the drop. But come the end of his first lap he sat in 16th, just over one tenth off survival but luckily crossed the line with seconds to spare. Those seconds meant he could do one more lap but it was not enough and his Ferrari was out of qualifying in Q1.

Felipe Massa also struggled with a lack of power from his engine and joined Vettel out of qualifying alongside the two Marussia’s and Button who did not run. Bottas on the other moved through to Q2 without needing a second run or use any supersoft tyres like Hamilton, Rosberg and Raikkonen.

Come the start of Q2, those four drivers along with Alonso waited in their garages while the rest hit the track. This time around, Nasr posted the first time but was swiftly pushed down the order by fellow drivers on used supersoft tyres.

But when Raikkonen came knocking, Grosjean stepped aside from the top spot. Yet his Ferrari’s 1:15.602 was far from quick enough to hold back the Mercedes duo and especially Hamilton who moved nine-tenths clear following his warm up laps.

Kimi soon found himself behind both Mercedes’ and Bottas, but as the session approached it’s end he returned to the track with fresh tyres. Yet despite moving ahead of Bottas, he still ended Q2 in fourth place after a blistering lap by Grosjean saw the Frenchman finish the session five tenths down on Hamilton.

At the other end of the time sheet, Alonso found himself rock bottom until the flag but he could only manage to move up to 13th place. But upon returning to the pits, Alonso found himself sandwiched between the two Sauber’s for 14th place after Kvyat beat the drop at the death and edged Sainz out of qualifying.

For today’s top ten shoot out, Hamilton carried the momentum after topping Q2 but the gap was marginal to Rosberg. Raikkonen & Bottas moved through as the sole Williams & Ferrari drivers while being joined by both Lotus, Force India and Red Bull drivers.

And come the start of the shoot out, Hulkenberg hit the circuit on used supersoft tyres while having the track all to himself. His banker lap however was slow in comparison to the rest of the field as they bolted on fresh option tyres and the benchmark sat at 1:14.393 with Hamilton.

The two initial flying laps carried out by Hamilton and Rosberg were also littered with purple sectors. But Nico could only snatch purple in the first while Hamilton stormed the rest and topped the time sheet by three tenths of a second. By now Hulkenberg’s lap was 1.7 seconds off pole and 1 second off third placed Raikkonen.

With provisional pole for team Hamilton, the fight was on for Rosberg, Raikkonen, Bottas and co. to challenge the championship leader for pole. And the first man to take the fight to Lewis was Lewis himself as he led the pack away for the last time.

Unfortunately for the challenging pack, Lewis went purple in the middle sector once more but failed to improve. Yet his banker lap was more than good enough as Rosberg and Raikkonen failed to get anywhere close. Even if Raikkonen did improve to secure third.

Grosjean and Maldonado settled for fifth and sixth place behind Bottas after Lotus sent their drivers out for the final flyers side by side. Hulkenberg and Kvyat out-qualified their respective team-mates but it’s pole number 44 for driver 44 at the race where he secured his first win in Formula One.

Position Driver Best lap
1 Hamilton Q3: 1:14.393
2 Rosberg 1:14.702
3 Raikkonen 1:15.014
4 Bottas 1:15.102
5 Grosjean 1:15.194
6 Maldonado 1:15.329
7 Hulkenberg 1:15.614
8 Kvyat 1:16.079
9 Ricciardo 1:16.114
10 Perez 1:16.338
11 Sainz Q2: 1:16.042
12 Verstappen 1:16.245
13 Ericsson 1:16.262
14 Alonso 1:16.276
15 Nasr 1:16.620
16 Vettel Q1: 1:17.344
17 Massa 1:17.886
18 Merhi 1:19.133
19 Stevens 1:19.157
20 Button No time set