Fourth Canadian Grand Prix victory for Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton wins the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix ahead of Nico Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas.

After 70 laps around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Lewis Hamilton stood on the top spot of the podium to claim his fourth win around Montreal after starting the race from his fourth pole position. Nico Rosberg came home in second, while Bottas picked up his first podium after capitalising on a spin by Kimi Raikkonen.

Yesterday was another battle between and Mercedes duo as Hamilton edged out Rosberg for another pole position. But in a qualifying where Hamilton claimed pole number 44, Vettel fell in Q1 before going on to take a 5-place grid penalty after overtaking Merhi during FP3 while the red flags were out.

Jenson Button’s day went from bad to worse yesterday, after failing to run at all during qualifying as the team fitted new engine components. With a new turbo and MGU-H fitted, Jenson incurred a 15-place grid penalty but as he had qualified last was forced to carry out a drive through penalty during the opening three laps.

Nevertheless, when the race got underway Hamilton led the field off the grid as Raikkonen attempted a move on Rosberg down the inside into turn one. But with the outside line into the first corner, Rosberg held position through T2 and the field began to slot into order.

At the other end of the grid, Vettel was looking punchy straight away and picked off car by car alongside Massa as the two worked their way through the field. Jenson meanwhile hit the pit lane at the end of lap one to serve his penalty.

As the early laps ticked bye, Vettel and Massa continued to provide the drama and moved up the field more and more with every lap. Yet at the end of lap seven, Seb pitted for soft tyres but a slow rear left held him back for a little longer than they would have liked.

Massa on the other hand continued his charge and latched his Williams onto the back of Ericsson’s Sauber. However for Felipe to get ahead he had to hold on and push hard as the two gave each other the smallest gap through turn two. But Massa held on in there to drag his way in front on the run down to turn three to seize 11th place before carrying on and picking off Ricciardo and Perez with ease.

While the front order remained in status quo, Vettel returned to creating the action as he re-picked off the cars in the lower half making his way by both Toro Rosso’s but more noticeably Fernando Alonso. However making his way around the man he replaced at Ferrari was far from easy and Vettel made contact with the slow McLaren.

Luckily neither took damage from the contact but Alonso was far from happy with his car after being told he needed to save fuel. A short outburst from the Spaniard followed the teams message and the publicly happy, double word champion showed the frustration McHonda has instilled in him.

Another angry man on track soon enough was Kimi Raikkonen in the lead Ferrari. The Iceman who is known for being chilled soon lost his cool in Canada down at the hairpin shortly after pitting when he lost the rear end as he applied the throttle and span his Scuderia. Luckily for Kimi all this spin cost him was third place as Bottas managed to gain the position after pitting.

Meanwhile in the battle for the lead, things were getting heated at Mercedes. But it was not the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg getting heated, it was their brake wear. Both Hamilton and Rosberg were told “brake wear is now critical” as the race entered the second half and fears of a 2014 Canadian GP repeat must have entered the minds of the Mercedes pit wall except they believed it was not a race ending cause and could be managed.

For the time being this proved correct and both kept trucking on in a Mercedes one-two separated by just over a second. And with those two running in order, the action creation duty fell back into the hands of Vettel who was fighting Hulkenberg for seventh place.

Unfortunately for the Hulk, he would soon lose the position to Vettel but also fall behind Massa after spinning at the final chicane to avoid contact with the Ferrari. The final chicane also provided the action a few laps later when Grosjean cut in front of Will Stevens after lapping the Marussia down the back straight.

Cutting in front of the Marussia also cut his tyre causing Romain to suffer an instant puncture and broke the front wing of the back marker. Not just that, Romain also brought a 5-second time penalty upon himself for causing the collision but at least he was still on track unlike Alonso who had been forced to retire earlier on.

Although that might have been a blessing in disguise for Fernando given how his race was going even if it does mean he has failed to finish three races in a row for the first time in his career. At least he was later joined in the garage by his team mate, Jenson Button, after he also was forced to retire

Back out in front Rosberg continued to hold back his challenge on Lewis as the two Mercedes drivers, like most of the field, struggled to keep their fuel consumption at a safe rate. But when Lewis pushed to stretch the gap back out Rosberg fell back and Lewis secured the margin he needed to coast into the corners to save the vital fuel.

Without being able to provide a challenge to Hamilton, Rosberg had to settle for second place in yet another Mercedes one-two finish. Lewis’ win also means he now has four Canadian Grand Prix victories to match his four pole positions around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

After gaining P3 when Kimi span, Bottas took the final podium position to claim the team’s first podium of the season. Vettel and Massa’s charge through the field lead to the two claiming strong points in fifth and sixth with only Maldonado in seventh joining the three teams on the lead lap.

Pastor’s seventh place is also his first points finish since the American Grand Prix last year while fellow Lotus man, Romain Grosjean, maintained his point in 10th despite his five-second penalty.

With win number four of the season in the bag, Lewis now extends his championship lead to Rosberg to 17 points ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix in two weeks time.

Position Driver Gap Points
1 Hamilton WINNER 25
2 Rosberg 2.285 18
3 Bottas 40.666 15
4 Raikkonen 45.625 12
5 Vettel 49.903 10
6 Massa 56.381 8
7 Maldonado 66.664 6
8 Hulkenberg +1L 4
9 Kvyat +1L 2
10 Grosjean +1L 1
11 Perez +1L
12 Sainz +1L
13 Ricciardo +1L
14 Ericsson +1L
15 Verstappen +1L
16 Nasr +2L
17 Stevens +4L
18 Merhi DNF
19 Button DNF
20 Alonso DNF