Hamilton and Rosberg under investigation for tyre pressure infringement after the Italian Grand Prix

2015 Italian Grand Prix winner and team-mate under investigation for tyre pressure infringement.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are both under investigation after they were found to have started the race under Pirelli’s specified minimum starting tyre pressures. 

Pirelli had issued a new minimum starting tyre pressure that all teams must stick to in the build-up to the Italian Grand Prix weekend following the incidents of Spa when two tyres exploded.

Pirelli stated that all teams must start the race at Monza with all tyre pressures of 19.5psi or above. But it has been found that when both Mercedes were checked ahead of the race, Hamilton’s left-rear tyre was 0.3psi below the requirement, while Rosberg  was 1.1 psi under.

The FIA also checked Ferrari’s starting tyre pressures but both cars were found to be above the required value. Giving them the all clear while Mercedes have been required to see the race stewards to discuss the matter.

With tyre pressures bellow the minimum recommendations, Mercedes could have seen performance gain with Hamilton going on to dominate the race and win the 2015 Italian Grand Prix, while Rosberg was running in third until his engine blew.

More to follow…