Hi I’m Kyle. I’m a 22-year-old, third year Multimedia Journalism BA (Hons) graduate from Bournemouth University.

On my blog I write about Formula One, looking at each race weekend with analysis and build up. Then following the Grand Prix, I look back and recap some of the key talking points I noted over the weekend.

In the future, I wish to pursue a career in sports journalism, preferably within Formula One as it is a sport I am passionate about, and connects with my passion for journalism. I have been a huge fan of the sport for as long as I can remember and as I have grown up I have followed it closely with the desire to one day work within the paddock.

Throughout my education, I have always tried to focus it towards my career goal. This may seem narrow-minded but journalism is the only career that has ever appealed to me. When studying my A level’s at Portsmouth College, I studied Media, photography and a BTEC Diploma in Sport Coaching, Fitness and Development as I felt that these would allow me to gather a better understanding of the way the media works. As for the BTEC Diploma in Sport Coaching, Fitness and Development, this allowed me to gather a deeper understanding of coaching and training methods and how the aspects of coaching were delivered in a variety of ways to a range of age groups. 

While at Bournemouth University, I have completed a range of journalistic tasks that have allowed me to develop as a journalist. Over the three years studying journalism, I have produced a range of articles for different publication styles with my final year Major Multimedia Project being one that I am most proud of.

For my final year MMP, I looked at disabled motorsport and how individuals have put their disabilities behind them to forge a career within motorsport. If you wish to take a look at my project, it can be accessed at howtomotorsport.wordpress.com.

Outside of my education, I have also wrote for publications such as The Sport Space – with all F1 articles produced for this publication available to view either on their website or here, on kylearcher.co.uk.

Here are some things you may want to know about me:
Name: Kyle Archer
Age: 22
From: Portsmouth, England
Twitter: @KyleG51

If there is anything you wish to ask me, feel free to tweet or message me through the below contact form at  any time. In addition, there is a contact me page with all platforms I am accessible on.

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